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Student Testimonials

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    PG Diploma in Bioinformatics and Rational drug design
    Student of BTFS Batch III (2013 – 2014)

    "The Bioinformatics and rational drug design domain offered by BTFS is of very high standards and moreover is taught by the leading, experienced and knowledgeable teachers and teaching assistants. I highly recommend this course to all biologists with a strong interest in bioinformatics. Thanks to DBT for the financial support. It was the best postgraduate diploma course I have ever pursued."


    PG Diploma in Bioinformatics and Rational drug design
    Student of BTFS Batch III (2013 – 2014)

    "I found the Bioinformatics and Rational Drug Designing (BRD) course on Biotech Finishing School (BTFS) extremely valuable to my research and career. The course did an amazing job to educate me in Bioinformatics, both in terms of the underlying science and in terms of practical tools, techniques and on-line resources. I can't imagine a more effective year long exposure, in both academic and industrial levels. The faculties and fellow students were first rate. I was impressed with their willingness and ability to convey excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge in a way that I could grasp. It was great to work cooperatively with fellow students as a team. The diversity of backgrounds and interests was an unexpected bonus."

  • Mr. Shuddhodana M

    PG Diploma in Bioinformatics and Rational drug design
    Student of BTFS Batch III (2013 – 2014)
    Joined IIT, Delhi for research program after pursuing BTFS course.

    "I feel exhilarated in informing you that I have been selected for the Research program in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I’m grateful to BTFS course which has helped me all the way through my admissions. Apart from my efforts the course-work helped me to build a strong theoretical knowledge which was reflected in my GATE 2013 results, an AIR of 68 and the research exposure I gained during my industry internship helped me in cracking the interviews held at these institutes. I would also like to thank the College, BTFS authorities and the Government for organizing such course which is helpful in shaping careers of fresh graduates in the field of Biotechnology."

  • Supriya Pai

    PG Diploma in Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics.
    Student of BTFS Batch I (2011 – 2012).
    Currently working as Junior Research Fellow at School of Life Sciences, MU, Manipal.

    "After pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering in biotechnology in the year 2011, I wanted to work. But due to the gap between supply and demand for skilled work force for the industry, I felt the need to pursue higher education along with an industry exposure. At the right moment, Biotechnology Finishing School (BTFS) was initiated to bridge the gap between academics and industry by Govt. of Karnataka with the association of Govt. of India. Courses with different specialization in reputed institutions across the state were offered. As I had a passion towards the healthcare management, I chose Cellular and molecular diagnostics as my domain in BTFS Program. I thank the excellent research faculty and staff for educating with hands on training on molecular biology and cell biology techniques. Institution has state-of-art infrastructure and resources to nurture the young minds. Inter personal communication skills were also developed. It was a wonderful experience to become a part of various conferences, workshops and guest lectures hosted by institution. The internship helped me to gain knowledge about the diagnostic sector and handle the sophisticated instruments in the modern diagnostic laboratories. Principles of how the various diagnostic tests are discovered, developed and adapted was understood."

  • Pavithra N

    PG Diploma in Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics.
    Student of BTFS Batch II (2012 – 2013.)
    Currently working as Project Co-ordinator, Quintiles India.

    There is always hope in whatever you achieve and excellence follows it. The path ahead of graduation for me was Biotechnology Finishing School which brought about the right kind of exposure to match the industry requirements. BTFS gave the right kind of platform to foresee my career. The professors stimulated intellectual excitement to students who were eager to learn and had so much to share. It instilled in me a passion for learning. I thoroughly enjoyed the course with excellent explanations and subject exposure to lab techniques. The course exceeded my expectations and significantly expanded my knowledge of core curriculum. I support KBITS in gratitude for the experience it gave me and also to enable it to afford the same experience to future generations of students.

  • Shreehari. N

    PG Diploma in Pre-Clinical, Clinical Research, Biostatistics & Data Management
    Student of BTFS Batch III (2013 – 2014

    The faculty were very encouraging & inspiring. The Internship Placements and the fellowship provided by BTFS through KBITS are the high lights of the program.

  • Sabitha Anand

    PG Diploma in Plant Genetic Transformation, Genome, Seed & Marker Analysis

    My overall experience of PG Diploma in Bio Technology was very good. We availed good laboratory facilities and obtained enormous industrial exposure during the program & I am extremely thankful to BTFS.

  • Bhagyashri Bahadure

    PG Diploma in Nutraceuticals & Food Processing

    TFS is a very useful program for job aspirants in the Life Sciences sector. Thanks to BTFS, now I am working as a QC Executive. Apart from this the faculty had in depth knowledge of the subject, employed innovative teaching methodologies & classes were informative.

  • Dr. Palika Chandrashekhara Shetty

    BDS, PG Diploma in Pre-Clinical, Clinical Research, Biostatistics and Data Management.
    Student of BTFS Batch II (2012-2013)
    Working at Quintiles as Associate Operational specialist in Life Cycle Safety Department.

    BTFS is a very good platform for young generation who want to develop additional skills and go ahead in their career in this competitive world, where so many young minds are getting graduated, and it's a real challenge to be noticed. This course helps as a lifeline which make us to project out. The course which I had opted was focused on pharmaceutical industries and corporate world. Being experienced in healthcare medical sector, corporate was totally a new world for me, but the course acted as a shock absorber and prepared me well.

  • Deepshikha Kaul

    B.E , PG Diploma in Pre-Clinical, Clinical Research, Biostatistics and Data Management.
    Student of BTFS Batch II (2012-2013
    Working at ARIS Global Pvt. Ltd, Mysore as Drug Safety Associate.

    BTFS is the best option for Biotechnology students to get an industrial experience. All the modules have been designed keeping in mind the evolving opportunities in the healthcare industry. The faculty have been very supportive throughout the course. I recommend this to all life sciences students and advice them to make the best out of it.