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Poster Session

Young minds were given an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas. Over 105 entries were received, of them 92 posters were selected. The winners are as follows:




Title of Paper

Prize amount in Rs.


Badri S. Rajagopal.


A Novel Approach to Bridge Academic and Industrial Research  



Naini Bhadri.

Al Ameen College of Pharmacy  

Phloroglucinol A Neuroprotective Nutraceutical for Diabetic Neuropathy: In Silico, In Vitro and In Vivo Studies.  



Abhinav Raina.

Phytotron Research Center  

Improved synthesis and better understanding the regulatory roles for Brassinosteroids.  



Kaushani Banerjee - BTFS student.

PES University - BTFS Host institution  

Study of Murayya Koenigii for the Removal of Cr (VI) From Aqueous Solutions.  



Akhilesh Kumar Bajpai.

Shodhaka Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.  

Meta-analysis Of Gene Expression Data Discovers Novel Potential Cancer Candidates.  


INDIA BIO 2015 saw over 70 Posters displayed as part of Poster Session.

The top posters selected by jury were awarded and presented the poster awards. The winners of Poster are listed below:


Name of the student  and Institution

Title of Poster Paper


Rs. 30,000

Vijay Kumar H.S.

(BTFS Student)

Maharani Lakshmi

Ammanni College for Women

Cyperus Rotundus with Anti-cancerous Compounds: A Dry-wet Lab Interaction Study  


Rs. 20,000

Naini Bhadri

Al Ameen College of Pharmacy

Transplantation of Human Derived Dental Pulp Stem Cells Improves Diabetic Neuropathy in Rats


Rs. 15,000

Ananya Ganguly

(BTFS Student)

Padmashree Institute of Management and Sciences

Nyctanthes Arbortristis L. (Night Jasmine) - A Promising and Cost Effective Substitute for Saffron in Food & Cosmetic Industry


Recognition Prize

Rs. 10,000

N. Nishanthini

(BTFS Student)

St. Aloysius College, Mangalore

Studies on the Productive Effect Of Hesperidin Lipoate (H-La) Derivative In Hypercholestremic Renal Injury


Recognition Prize

Rs. 10,000

Ilakiya Senthilnathan H.K.

(BTFS Student)

Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur

Natural Compounds from Myristica Fragrans (nutmeg) as an inducer of fetal Hemoglobin In Beta Thalassemia  

Bio Quiz 2015

The Department of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka had organised India’s largest State Level quiz on Biotechnology- BioQuiz 2015. The objective of the Quiz is to create awareness and help students understand Science and Biotechnology and is open to B.Sc, B.Sc-Agri, B.E - Biotechnology & B.Pharma students from across the Karnataka State.

The Department of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka with an intention of creating awareness and help students understand Science and Biotechnology and also know about the immense potential that the Indian biotech sector holds, has actively engaged with the Academia and Student fraternity to organize India’s largest and most prestigious Biotechnology Quiz Competition encompassing over 400 individual Academic Institutions and over 1000 students across Karnataka.

Preliminaries of state level BioQuiz 2015 was conducted across Karnataka where-in 5000 students participated and the four finalists battled it out in the Grand Finale of BioQuiz 2015.

The awards were presented by Indian cricket legend Anil Kumble. The Chief Guest also inspired the students to always seek excellence in everything they undertake.
The results of the quiz are as below:
• Winning Team   - Ms. Akshatha N & Ms. Mollika M - St Joseph College, Bangalore
• 1st Runners Up  - Mr. Chethan N & Mr. Shrinidhi BR - National College of Pharmacy, Shimoga
• 2nd Runners Up - Ms. Megan D souza & Ms. Namitha Nayak - St. Aloysius College, Mangalore

BTFS participation in Jnana Degula Educational Fair 2014

Poster Session

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Posters – Walkway of Discovery

Poster Presentations held during Bangalore INDIA BIO 2014 where-in, young minds are given an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas also aimed at generating new breakthrough ideas in Biotech and helping put these ideas into practice through interaction of poster presenters with distinguished visitors from industry, research organizations and the investment community seeking cutting edge innovations, solutions and collaborations. Over 60 entries were received, of them 56 posters were selected and awarded with Poster Awards by KBITS.
The details of the winners are listed below:


Name of the student  and Institution

Title of Poster Paper


Rs. 30,000

Anup Kumar Abkari

Manipal College of

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Prevention  of Neurodegeneration by Naringin:

An in vitro Study.


Rs. 20,000

Aradhana Vipra

Ganga Gen Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bacteriophages: An alternative to antibiotics in the poultry industry.


Rs. 15,000

Kiranmai . G.

(BTFS Student)

Maharani Lakshmi Ammani College

for Women

Molecular docking analysis of GC-MS-identified ' compounds of Cyperus rotundus with anti-diabetic receptors: A dry-wet lab interaction study.


Recognition Prize

Rs. 10,000

Arpana Kamath

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Selective sensitivity of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations identified in tyrosine

kinase (TK) domain to Gefitinib .


Recognition Prize

Rs. 10,000

Keerthy H.K.

Bangalore University

Synthesis, Characterization and Cheminformatics based identification of Novel  2-Amino-Chromene-Carbonitrile that targets Bcl-2 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.



Mr. S.R Patil   Hon'ble Minister for IT, BT and S&T and Planning & Statistics, Govt. of Karnataka
Ms. Nisha Millet   Olympian & Arjuna Award Winner.

Round I: Preliminary

Preliminaries of largest State Level Quiz on Biotechnology - BioQuiz 2014 were conducted across Karnataka in six regions with participation of around 800 students witnessed by over 2000 students. six finalists from each of the region participated in the 'Grand Finalé of BioQuiz 2014'.The Department of IT, BT and Science and Technology organises the first ever Statewide BioQuiz for BSc., BSc. - Agri, B-Pharma, BTech – Biotech, BTFS, BE-Biomedical Engineering, BE-Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation students across the State. The quiz is a part of Bangalore INDIA BIO held at The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. The objective of the Quiz is to create awareness and help students understand Science and Biotechnology in a more comprehensive manner keeping them abreast of the latest developments in the world of Biotechnology.

Round II: State Finals held on 12th February, 2014

    - The regional 6 winners participated in the State Finals held at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore on 12th February, 2014.
    - All the 6 teams were offered suitable remuneration (travel & accommodation expenses)
    - The six finalist teams battled it out at the State Finals where quizmaster Mr. GiriBalasubramaniam put them through multiple rounds of quizzing comprising oral, visual, audio visual and software powered rounds.

After high decibel finals, the participating teams secured the following positions and won the attractive prize amounts mentioned against the position. Finalist were awarded by KBITS. The prizes were given to the winners by Shri S.R. Patil - Hon'ble Minister for IT, BT and S&T and Planning & Statistics, Govt. of Karnataka and Ms. Nisha Millet, Olympian & Arjuna Award Winner.


Colleges / Institutions


Participants Prize

Prize / Team



Shreenidhi Sharma & Anjali A.V.

Rs. 75,000

St. Aloysius College Mangalore (BTFS)


Megan Dsouza &

Namitha Nayak

Rs. 50,000

S.B. Arts & KCP Science College


Girija S. Hipparagi & Jyoti K. Bhovi

Rs. 25,000

Probiosys (BTFS)


Mohit Srivastava & Kirtika Singh

Rs. 10,000

National College of Pharmacy


Chethan N. & Shrinidhi B.R.

Rs. 5,000



Gourav Pratap Singh & Deepak Kori

Rs. 5,000

HRD Session organized for Biotech Finishing School Students at Bangalore India Bio

Speakers / Panelists

1. Dr. Jagadish Mittur
Head – Biotech Facilitation Cell
Title: Introduction to HR Workshop

2. Mr. Shyam Suryanarayanan
CEO, C – Drive
Title:Bridging the Industry – Academia Divide

3. Dr Bala Subramanian
Consultant to Cell works and former Senior Director – Astrazeneca Infection & Innovative Medicine
Title: Careers in Pharamaceutical Drug Discovery

4. Mr. Lalith Kishore
Gneral Manager, Research Products, GE Health care Lifesciences
Title: Careers in Medical Devices

5. Dr. Ezhil Subbian
Founder & CEO String Biotech
Title: Careers in Industrial Biotechnology

6. Dr. Basavaraj Basu
Managing Director, Criyagen Agri & Biotech Ltd.
Title: Careers in Agricultural Biotechnology

7. Dr. Ashwin Nagaraj
Director, APT Life sciences Pvt. Ltd
Title: Carriers in Clinical Geneomics

8. Mr. Antony Melvin Paul
Clinical Research Consultant & ex – clinical Quality Compliance & Trialing Manager, Novo Nordisk
Title: Careers in Clinical Research

BTFS students Interacting with industry experts
(Mr. Sujay Luis, Thomson Reuters, Bangalore)


Poster Presentation and participation of BTFS students in National Seminar on "Trends in Environmental Biotechnology and Its Applications", Sponsored by UGC and DBT


BTFS students at United Breweries as a part of industrial visit


BTFS students Interacting with Senior Scientist Dr. J S Melo, BARC Mumbai


BTFS Industrial visit to Monsanto Research Centre, Bangalore


Exposure of BTFS Students to new laboratory techniques


BTFS students participated in "An international workshop on Italian Cuisine"


Drug designing workshop conducted by Apsara innovation


BTFS students attending a lecture series


Dr. G Padmanaban (Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, IISc) delivering lecture to BTFS students


Dr. G Padmanaban (Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, IISc) interacting with the BTFS students


Guest lectures organized for BTFS Students


Guest Lecture by Pronet Informatics


A talk on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi in Agriculture, Horticulture & Forestry


BTFS Faculty interacting with Dr. Lakshmi Goel, University of Florida