Biotechnology Skill Enhancement Program - BiSEP (modified 2nd phase of BTFS program) will be launched soon. Connect with us on LinkedIn: BiSEP KBITS , Twitter: @KBITS_BiSEP and WhatsApp number: 9448470039 (Messages only). Also visit for other updates.
Selection Process
The process consists of two steps. The first step is to achieve success in an online exam (KBAT) and the second step is to attend counselling in Bangalore.
  • KBAT (Karnataka Biotechnology Aptitude Test)
  • Is an all India on-line examination administered and conducted by KBITS (Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services) to admit students to the BTFS (Biotechnology Finishing School) program launched by the Government of Karnataka. Students interested in admission to BTFS program must register to take up KBAT online exam on or before 31st July 2015. KBAT aims to test your knowledge on BTFS Domains, fundamental concepts in General Biology (particularly Cell & Molecular biology), Aptitude, English and Chemistry. The exam will be set on-line so that it can be taken anywhere with a good internet facility. KBAT consists of multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes in a highly disciplined manner. The short listed candidates are expected to attend counselling in Bangalore.

    Final Score for each student = 50 % of KBAT Marks + 50 % Academic Marks and KBAT Ranking is generated. Seats are allotted based on merit and as per student's choice of domain and availability.